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Forensic Servicing Review

You're faced with continued mortgage repurchase demands. Before you agree to buy back the loan, wait. . . .
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Forensic Servicing ReviewHas the Servicer performed all of its fiduciary duties diligently and completely, including:

  • Adherence to all federal, state and municipal regulations?
  • Scrupulously upholding all Investor policies and procedures to the letter?
  • Adopting and implementing all mandated modification requirements?
  • Following all MI guidelines?
  • Performing ARM adjustments properly?
  • Applying and disbursing escrows appropriately, with all funds accounted for?
  • Investor reporting and remitting performed in a correct and timely manner?

If not, we will help you:

  • Obtain the necessary documentation from the Servicer to proceed with a
  • Analyze servicing records and documentation for errors and violations.
  • Work quickly and efficiently to limit losses.
  • Produce reports and letters, detailing findings.