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EngagementsDirected and administered a REGULATOR-MANDATED CREDIT REVIEW AND DATA CAPTURE of a 4,000+ loan portfolio of mortgage and consumer loans for a large regional credit union. Defined parameters and methods of capture, staffing, training and quality control, assuring that the project was completed on time and within budget.

COMPREHENSIVE CAPITAL ANALYSIS and REVIEW (“CCAR”) - Performed data review and analysis of commercial and residential real estate loans on behalf of a large bank holding company. The project included loan documentation review and data aggregation of key loan terms and property information, along with quality control functions on completed work.

REPURCHASE LITIGATION – Assisted defense counsel in several mortgage repurchase litigation matters. Our contributions included training, guideline measurement and analysis, loan re-underwriting, crafting of allegation rebuttals and compensating factor defenses.

LOAN REVIEW for major Freddie Mac lender to determine credit underwriting compliance, correct closing and title procedures, appraisal review, legal, title and missing document review. Performed monthly for 2-1/2 years.

APPRAISAL AND VALUATION SUPPORT for major national lender. During the course of due diligence process, defended appraisals and values to potential purchasers and their agents by performing intense appraisal review, obtaining BPOs and recent comparable sales, and employing online resources. Reviewed thousands of appraisals and BPOs. Performed monthly for 1-1/2 years.

ACQUISITION ASSISTANCE for major national lender. Participated as part of a team of takeover investigators performing due diligence to determine likelihood and amount of bid. By reviewing lender’s files, policies and procedures, servicing records, and quality control results, reported to client regarding general quality and value of portfolio and platform. Performed on demand for 3 years.

REPURCHASE ASSISTANCE for Wall Street investor. Broke down individual loans from every standpoint, including credit standing, employment and income, compliance, high-cost and predatory lending, appraisal and collateral value, data validation, fraud analysis, servicing and collection comments, lien validity, occupancy. A comprehensive system to accomplish, document, administer and report all of the above was constructed from the ground up. Composed and administered repurchase requests and acted as liaison between client and seller/servicers. Extensive reporting and reconciliation required on hundreds of loans. Saved client millions of dollars in repurchases. Ongoing for 10 months.

DUE DILIGENCE DEFENSE for major national lender. Acted as client’s representative in defending loans according to guidelines, appraisals, credit, compliance including RESPA, HOEPA and high cost and predatory lending. Succeed in saving hundreds of loans, resulting in millions of dollars in profit to client. Ongoing monthly for 7 years.

MORTGAGE BANKING CONSULTING for medium-sized regional bank. Performed financial and profitability analyses, feasibility study, marketing survey, organization study, for acquired mortgage banking subsidiary. Operated mortgage banking subsidiary in absence of manager. Wrote and amended policies and procedures. Subsidiary moved from broker status to lender, rendering operation more profitable and efficient. Intermittent over 3-year period.